Zimperium Mobile-First Security Platform™

Enabling the mobile-powered enterprise

The Zimperium Mobile-First Security Platform unifies Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) – formerly zIPS – and Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS), provides centralized access to and management of Zimperium’s mobile app and endpoint security solutions.

The Corporate Perimeter has Blurred

To get work done anyplace, anytime, employees are increasingly relying on mobile devices and are:

  • Adopting an explosion of mobile apps
  • Conducting more mobile transactions
  • Tightly collaborating with new people
  • Accessing higher volumes of data

With this mobile-first environment, the defense perimeter as we’ve known it has changed, and security teams struggle to dynamically defend against emerging threats on corporate and user-owned devices.

The New Mobile Perimeter Needs Something Different

What is secure today may not be secure tomorrow. Securing not only devices but also apps – both those used and those developed – from development to deployment is key for staying ahead of attacks. Today’s enterprises need a mobile-first security solution that enables the mobile-powered workforce to safely get work done.

Zimperium Enables a Mobile-First Security Strategy

Through a single pane of glass, the Zimperium Mobile-First Security Platform includes advanced security capabilities to protect mobile apps and devices from evolving threats and risks:

  • Centralized management and access to device and app security through a single interface on any cloud and on-premises.
  • Protection for all devices against critical mobile threats such as phishing, spyware, and rogue networks.
  • Privacy-by-design to protect employee privacy on both corporate and BYOD devices as they work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Pervasive risk management for apps to find risks in apps you develop and third-party apps used by employees.
  • Advanced in-app protection to prevent reverse engineering, protect cryptographic keys, and create self-defending apps.
  • An enhanced mobile ecosystem with enterprise integrations, including SIEMS, IAMXDRDevOps workflows, ticketing systems, GitHub action, and fraud systems.
  • Deep forensics and enhanced search capabilities to enable advanced threat hunting.

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