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World Information Technology Company Limited (WIT) is a leading Technology Solution Consultant and Provider in Thailand, we believe in trusted partnership model, providing solutions with our experienced consultant team. Over 30 years in the market, We have provided our services to various customer industries such as Financial Service, Manufacturing, Retails, Education, and many more.

We focus on selecting the most appropriate technology partners under some criteria; Performance, Capability and Cost including threats analysis by AI and Machine Learning, Enterprise Network Management Solution, Next Generation of IT Security Solution, Application Performance Security Solutions,DevSecOp and Managed Security services.


To empower our customers’ cyberspace by managing their cyber-complexity, innovating blended-values through our solutions and conforming to their business context using all of our expertise, effort and care




  1. Invest in People Expertises in Cybersecurity and Innovation in Cyberspace.
  2. Actively look for “differentiating value” to be delivered to customers for them to be in the best standing in any business competitions. 
  3. Clearly understand customers’ business objectives and always keep those in mind to ensure the objectives are fulfilled.
  4. Value “Wero” culture: If you want to grow fast, you just go alone. If you want to grow sustainably, we should grow together as “Wero” not “just one Hero”.
  5. Create strong value, opportunity, alliance for our ecosystem which includes our customers, employees, and partners

Our Work

Our success is dependent on our clients’ success. We deliver the outcomes that our clients need by turning disruption into opportunities with modern solutions that provide dependable, measurable results.

WIT Timeline



WIT was the first system integrator who provided LAN switch system to the financial banking in Thailand .



WIT was the first system integrator who provided Next Generation Firewall solution to the top 3 biggest bank  in Thailand. 



WIT was the first system integrator who provided Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution to the top 3 biggest bank  in Thailand.



WIT was the first system integrator who provided Next Generation Anti-virus & EDR solution to the top 3 biggest telecommunication company in Thailand.



WIT Segmentation gives you precise visibility and control over third-party access to your IT environments.

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Leadership Team

Amphan Techasombooranakit


Thanachoat Techasombooranakit

Business Development Director

Thachanun Techasombooranakit

Sales and Project Director


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