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Secure, manage, and audit vendor and internal remote privileged access without a VPN

Unmatched Control Over Remote Access

Give legitimate users the access they need to be productive, while keeping attackers out.

Secure and Control Privileged Remote Access for Insiders and Vendors

Eliminate a Cybersecurity Threat Vector

Give contractors and vendors privileged access to critical assets without giving them a VPN.

Meet Privileged Access Compliance Requirements

Satisfy internal and external compliance requirements with comprehensive audit trails and session forensics.

Give Them a Privileged Access Solution They'll Love

Guarantee adoption with a system that actually lets users do their jobs faster and easier than they do today.

``Establishing controls around privileged access continues to be a focus of attention for organizations and auditors. IAM and security leaders must be prepared to secure, manage and monitor privileged accounts and access.``

Highlighted Features

Protect the Access

Prevent “privilege creep” and quickly enforce least privilege to protect your IT assets

Seamlessly Integrate with Password Management

Make least privilege productive and combat data breaches, without sacrificing security

Work across Hybrid Environments

Simplify the access process by providing one tool that facilitates all unattended access for remote systems and endpoints

Leverage Existing Security Investments

Increase the security of IaaS accounts with individual accountability for root accounts

Mobile & Web Consoles

Get the access you need from any mobile device or web browser

Audit & Compliance

Satisfy compliance requirements with comprehensive audit trails and session forensics

How Does Privileged Remote Access Work?

Privileged Remote Access enables security professionals to control, monitor, and manage privileged access to critical systems.