Dynamic Site Accelerator

Superior network optimizations from the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform

Deliver dynamic content effortlessly, driving great web experiences to your users globally.

Your users are unique, and they expect experiences that are fast and personal. In fact, 53% of people abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load. To meet these everincreasing user expectations, you create rich, interactive content and applications that are generated dynamically. This can easily make your pages heavier, which can slow performance and compromise the user experience. To meet user expectations under peak demands, many businesses are forced to over-invest in infrastructure to overcome performance and scalability challenges.

Dynamic Site Accelerator

Built on the SLA-backed bedrock of Akamai’s global cloud delivery platform, Dynamic Site Accelerator provides improved reliability, offload, and network performance over your original web infrastructure, while handling the specific requirements of dynamically generated content

– without a costly hardware build-out. It speeds and secures interactive websites, helping you scale immediately and easily meet sudden needs like holiday shopping or flash sales.

How It Works

With the world’s largest and most sophisticated network, the Akamai cloud delivery platform continuously pulls and caches fresh content closer to the end user. It interacts with 1.3 billion client devices every day, and ingests 2.5 exabytes of data per year to power automation that improves how your dynamic content is routed and delivered to users. This includes continuously adapting delivery routes to circumvent congestion and outages that compromise the user experience. All without compromising security, with content and information securely delivered by the PCI Level 1 compliant Akamai cloud delivery platform.


Reduced IT Costs Increase scalability and origin offload, leveraging the power of the highly distributed Akamai cloud delivery platform

Reliable, Secure, and Improved Web Experiences Continuously and transparently apply real-time network optimizations and advanced caching techniques to deliver reliable, fast, and secure content.

DevOps Automation Get to market more quickly by automating Akamai into your DevOps workflows, deploying new properties with streamlined and simplified onboarding, configuration, and monitoring

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