Yealink Solutions for Microsoft

Bringing Microsoft Teams Experience to Every Space and User

Yealink Video Device Solutions for Microsoft Teams, Empowering Your Business

In the modern workplace, organization employees tend to do communication and collaboration with video meeting.
A video meeting not only delivers instant collaboration and communication environment, but fosters productivity and sometimes sparks innovations in a team work.

Fully integrated with Microsoft Teams and cover all the meeting room size, Yealink video device solutions comes with full package devices offer including everything you need for a Microsoft Teams meeting. Easy to use with premium video and audio experience, the solutions are able to make the teamwork more efficient and collaborative across all meeting spaces.

Yealink Video Devices Solution for Microsoft Teams
Covering from Huddle to Extra-large Meeting Spaces


for huddle and small rooms
≤7 users



for small and medium rooms
≤ 11 users



for medium and large rooms
≤ 18 users



for large and extra-large rooms
≤ 30 users



for huddle room and executive office
≤ 5 users



for focus and small rooms
≤ 6 users


Yealink Video Solutions for Zoom Rooms

Reliable | Premium Audio and Video | Easy Deployment

Native Zoom Rooms Experience

In partnership with Zoom, the Yealink video solution CP960-UVC Zoom Rooms Kits come fully integrated with Zoom Rooms and include pre-installed Zoom Rooms software. Certified by Zoom, Yealink offers two Zoom Rooms kits to fit different meeting scenarios needs, including the CP960-UVC50 for small and medium rooms and the CP960-UVC80 for medium and large rooms. Both solutions deliver premium audio and video quality thanks to the combination of the Yealink CP960 Conference Phone and Yealink’s UVC series of optical PTZ cameras, which work in tandem to provide users a native Zoom Rooms experience

Simple to Deploy, Easy to Use
Yealink one-cable technology eliminates the need for a traditional USB cable from the television area to the conference table area, greatly simplifying deployment. The Yealink CP960 Conference Phone further declutters the conference area by uniting microphones, speaker and meeting console into a single package. When serving as a meeting console, the five-inch multi-touch screen display allows users to join the meeting, add participants, adjust volume and control the PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) of the camera, making meeting management a snap.

Premium Audio and Video Meeting Experience
Featuring a built-in three-microphone array, the Yealink CP960 Conference Phone ensures a 360-degree voice pickup range with up to a 20-foot (six-meter) radius. Thanks to Yealink Noise Proof Technology, background noise is minimized so that everyone in the room can be heard clearly. By adding the two CPW90 wireless expansion microphones, the CP960 can provide up to a 40-foot (12-meter) voice pickup radius without any additional wiring.
Yealink’s UVC optical PTZ camera delivers sharp, smooth and stable video with a deep focus field. The wide-angle horizontal field-of-view lens and adjustable camera angle provide a broad view of the conference room.

Yealink CP960-UVC30

Zoom Rooms Kit
For huddle and small rooms


Yealink CP960-UVC50

Zoom Rooms Kit
For small and medium rooms


Yealink CP960-UVC80

Zoom Rooms Kit
For medium and large rooms




MeetingEye 600

Intelligent 4K Video Conferencing Endpoint for Middle Rooms

Data Sheet

MeetingEye 400

Intelligent 4k Video Conferencing Endpoint for Small Room

Data Sheet


Designed for mid-to-large Rooms

Data Sheet


Perfect for small and medium rooms

Data Sheet


Ideal for small and huddle rooms

Data Sheet


Suitable for extra-large room and integration

Data Sheet


Collaboration touch panel

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