Awards & Achievements

With business practice that focus on the product quality and exceptional services, this has made World Information Technology Co., Ltd. achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification and many awards from key business partners continuously.
Amphan Techasombooranakit, Managing Director, said “Our business practice under ISO 9001:2015 is the important business management tool that drives WIT to become more of international standard company. It is the process to consistently develop the company competency by having the team contribution and team involvement from all WIT’s staffs to make the work process more efficient, to develop problem solving process through systematic analysis, and to create preventive actions that build a trustworthiness for clients in selecting  products and services offerings by WIT.”

Solarwinds Authorized Partner 2019

Akamai Silver 2018

In recognition for achieving netalliance program compliance

HPE Aruba Gold Partner 2018

In recognition of outstanding performance

HPE Strategic Awards 2017

Aruba Elite Win Awards

Avaya Best Green Field Project 2017

Avaya Edge Sapphire 2017

Polycom Authorized Partner 2017

Avaya Top Video Partner Asean 2015

Avaya Top Supporter 2015

Avaya Gold Partner Asia Pacific 2013

Juniper Networks for BBL Deal

Avaya Thailand Significant Win of The Year 2012

Award for TISCO Bank – VDO Conference Project

Aruba An Authorized Aruba Networks Enterprise Solution Provider

Blue Coat Elite Partnet

Avaya Significant Win Award

Bangkok Hospital Project Fiscal Year 2001