Next-Gen Wire Network

Current requirements for networking systems are more complex than ever. Commercial enterprises need a smart network infrastructure which is adaptable and responsive to business demands. Next Generation Networking should also well compatible with Cloud and Virtualization technologies and supports varieties of applications, including voice-data-video multiservice. In addition, a networking system must be highly effective and reliable, equipped with automatic self-provisioning and timely self-repairing functions. Our solutions, with their smart, stable, and effective networking devices, can handle such problems completely. We recommend Next Generation Networking, Software Defined Cloud Networks (SDCN) and Network Performance Management System.

Next-Gen Wireless Network

Wireless networking systems boost efficiency and optimize the operating and maintenance costs; however, speed, stability, and security management problems are common in wireless systems. Our Secured and Manageable Wireless LAN Solution would totally help solving such difficulties to achieve a fast, stable, effective, and safe wireless network. The smart solution can also prioritize data transmission in application level, enabling it to better serve business applications and multimedia applications, including voice, data, and video.

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