Purpose-built for 802.11ac wireless LANs.

802.11ac wireless LANs (WLANs) operate at gigabit speeds and connect more devices and apps. But that’s not enough. Aruba 802.11ac APs are designed from the ground-up with unique hardware and software that improves the mobility experience of users – even if they use 802.11n devices.

Aruba 802.11ac APs offer more Wi-Fi capacity for devices that are farther away and leverage your existing wired infrastructure. They also support patented ClientMatch™ technology to eliminate sticky clients and AppRF technology to prioritize the handling of cloud apps and unified communications.

Unique to Aruba Wireless LANs is the use of contextual data. Aruba WLANs profile user identity, device type, application usage, location and time-of-day to enforce policies that meet the toughest compliance requirements.


Controller-managed and controllerlessd

Aruba APs support a choice of operating modes to meet your unique requirements. Controller-managed APs rely on centralized network services while controllerless Aruba Instant distributes these services across multiple APs.


No sticky clients

Aruba’s patented ClientMatch technology eliminates sticky client problems by continuously gathering session performance metrics from mobile devices to steer them to the best radio in the best AP on the WLAN infrastructure.


Faster Wi-Fi, more devices

The next-generation mobile workplace requires Wi-Fi that’s faster and more reliable than wired. Aruba 802.11ac uses purpose-built hardware and technologies like explicit beamforming to maximize performance for all devices.


App intelligence

Delivering reliable multimedia and real-time apps like Microsoft Lync gets tougher as more devices connect. Aruba AppRF technology offers deep application-insight and QoS so your most important apps always get the royal treatment.


Ready for BYOD

Now everyone can bring their own device and you won’t ever lose control over your network. Only Aruba WLANs leverage contextual data to enforce BYOD access policies across your entire infrastructure all the way to devices and apps.


Apple friendly

Apple devices don’t just connect – they thrive on Aruba Wireless LANs. Our WLAN infrastructure adds incredible clarity to FaceTime calls, makes AirPrint and AirPlay smarter, and adds VPN intelligence to iPads, iPhones and MacBooks.


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