The VidyoConferencing™

All you need for HD collaboration with incredible quality, reach and savings

The Vidyo difference

Vidyo unlocks the power of video conferencing to flow naturally
through today’s borderless organizations. Now everyone can
enjoy consistent quality, whether they’re connecting from a
smartphone at a New York airport, a desktop in London or a
multiscreen studio in Singapore. There’s no need for expensive
hardware and proprietary networks anymore, because Vidyo
delivers HD quality video conferencing over everyday IP networks
using off-the-shelf equipment. Why compromise when you can
have incredible quality, reach and cost savings with Vidyo.


A new world of video

At Vidyo, we view HD quality video conferencing as a natural
extension of the way people work and our products show it — from
infrastructure components with ample capacity to Vidyo-enable
everyone to a range of endpoint applications that support the PCs,
smartphones and tablets that people are using now. Our customers
appreciate how VidyoConferencing™ brings them ‘face-to-face’ with
colleagues, customers and partners to brainstorm, collaborate on
projects and accomplish great things.

“Vidyo’s HD video lets me see and hear a patient’s subtle symptoms, such as facial numbness, slurred speech, as if I am in the same room.”
Dr. David Tong, Sutter Health

Real-world solutions

Vidyo develops and delivers video conferencing solutions to improve
the way people communicate and collaborate in all walks of life.
We deliver practical and engaging solutions to health care providers, educational
institutions, government agencies, financial and professional services firms, and technology
companies in every corner of the world. The applications and real-world benefits of
VidyoConferencing™ are boundless.


The VidyoConferencing™ Portfolio


High-Performance Infrastructure



is at the heart of the VidyoConferencing system. The VidyoRouter architecture leverages our patented Adaptive Vidyo Layering™ technology and the H.264 SVC standard (UCIF mode 2s) to dynamically optimize video quality to the network and to the capabilities of each endpoint to deliver an optimal experience for each participant. Available as a physical or virtual appliance, each VidyoRouter supports up to 100 concurrent HD connections (150 for VidyoRouter XL), and network together to support the largest deployments.



offers administrators tools to configure and manage endpoints, infrastructure, software and licenses; moderate conferences in progress; and configure multi-tenant features. VidyoPortal provides end users with self-service tools to host and manage conferences, speed dials and preferences, with no need for IT assistance. With the capacity to support tens of thousands of users, VidyoPortal delivers enterprise-class management tools, accessible through a browser-based interface.



bridges traditional room systems with the higher performing, more scalable VidyoConferencing environment. Available as a physical or virtual appliance, VidyoGateway provides ports to connect H.323 and SIP-based infrastructure and endpoints from vendors including Polycom® and Cisco®, and supports critical features like H.239 data sharing and H.235 media encryption to ensure interoperability



lets users record and webcast Vidyo conferences for off-line or real-time viewing. It features a web-accessible content management library with both on-server and network-attached storage options. Recorded and webcast video streams can be played in MP4 format in any browser or mobile device.



is a free B2B interconnectivity service that provides virtual meeting rooms for up to 25 participants. Guests can join from any H.323 or SIP-based room system from Cisco, Polycom, Tandberg, LifeSize and other vendors, a Vidyo personal or group system, a smartphone or tablet running the VidyoWay app, or any telephone for audio-only participation.

Personal and Group Solutions

Extend the same natural, high quality experience to smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and multi-screen group solutions.



turns iOS™ and Android™ smartphones and tablets into reliable video collaboration endpoints. VidyoMobile provides exceptional versatility. In a dock, it’s a desktop video phone. In your hands, it’s video conferencing on-the-go. Connected to a large screen display, it’s a mobile room system. When you’re on the road, VidyoMobile delivers HD multipoint video conferencing and collaboration over any 3G/4G or WiFi broadband connection.


VidyoDesktop™ and VidyoWeb™

extend video collaboration to Windows™, Mac™ and Linux computers. Features like dual monitor support, multi participant content sharing, and the ability to display multiple HD streams side-by-side deliver a user experience that’s superior to most room-based systems. The VidyoWeb™ browser plug-in gives guest participants a comparable in-conference experience with no need to set up user accounts or install special software.



turns tablets into content screens for a Vidyo conference, putting content collaboration at your fingertips. VidyoSlate lets you share documents directly from your tablet into the conference, view and annotate the content shared by other participants, and share whiteboards so that everyone can view your notes and drawings



appliances are dual-screen group solutions for fixed installation settings that deliver up to 1080P at 30 fps for life-like performance over general-purpose IP networks. With support for advanced features like far-end camera control and seamless integration with all other endpoint types, remote participants feel as though they are in the room and engaged in the conversation rather than a third party observer. Vidyo also partners with mobile cart providers to integrate HD quality and advanced VidyoConferencing features on a portable platform. All VidyoRoom models feature HD, multipoint, and dual-screen support at no extra cost.



is a multi-screen group solution that allows distributed teams to connect and collaborate easily from desktop, mobile, and room-based systems. While typical room systems limit you to just two screens for people and content, VidyoPanorama 600 drives up to six screens. And thanks to the exclusive Multi-Participant Content Sharing feature, content streams from up to six participants can be displayed at the same time. VidyoPanorama is a perfect fit for a wide range of use cases including manufacturing operation centers, command and control rooms, virtual trading rooms, and distance learning.