Data Center Security Realized

Hackers and malicious insiders steal your data by exploiting the gaps left by traditional endpoint and network security. These data breaches result in financial losses, regulatory fines, and brand damage. Imperva adds a layer of protection that surrounds high-value applications and data assets in the data center. Our Imperva SecureSphere and Imperva Incapsula solutions help prevent breaches and meet compliance requirements so your brand and bottom line don’t take a hit.

Imperva SecureSphere is a comprehensive, integrated security platform that includes SecureSphere Web, Database and File Security. It scales to meet the data center security demands of even the largest organizations and is backed by the Imperva Application Defense Center, a world-class security research organization that maintains the product’s cutting-edge protection against evolving threats.

Imperva Incapsula is a cloud-based service that integrates Web Application Firewall, DDoS mitigation, and a content delivery network into a single solution. Imperva Incapsula enables organizations to jumpstart their Web application security initiatives within in a matter of minutes.

Web Application Security
File Security
Database Security
SharePoint Security

SecureSphere Database Security

Efficiently demonstrate database compliance and improve your data security with automated processes, interactive audit analytics and customizable reports. SecureSphere Database Security provides full visibility into your organization’s data usage, vulnerabilities, and access rights.

SecureSphere File Security

Prove to auditors that you have tight controls in place for your sensitive file data, and know you’re equipped to deal with security challenges like advanced targeted attacks. SecureSphere File Security protects vital business content on file servers, NAS devices, and SharePoint sites.

SecureSphere Web Application Security

Stop the criminals, hacktivists, and state-sponsored hackers who use web attacks to steal your data and damage your brand. SecureSphere Web Application Security protects organizations against threats such as SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, DDoS, and fraud, while addressing PCI DSS 6.6 compliance.

Imperva Incapsula

Stop web site and DDoS attacks that are targeting your web applications with web application security delivered as a service. Imperva Incapsula protects your site, helps you achieve PCI DSS compliance, and accelerates your overall website performance. You can rest assured that your Web applications and data are safe, even if your business, branch offices, or lines of business don’t have dedicated security staff.

SecureSphere Platform

Cost effectively manage, monitor, and control your deployment across physical and virtual data centers, both on-premise and in the cloud. With flexible deployment options and administration capabilities, SecureSphere provides the scalability, adaptability, and management you need to achieve state-of-the-art data center security.

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