HPE Enterprise ArcSight

ArcSight Data Platform solution

The next generation of data collection

HPE Security ArcSight Data Platform delivers a high-performance, cost-effective solution across enterprise

that unifies Big Data collection searching, reporting, alerting, and analysis machine data. This data platform

can be used to improve organizations’ security posture, compliance, and operations.

Product Highlights

ArcSight SIEM is the industry’s leading SIEM solution. Scalable, powerful and simple to use, it delivers fast, accurate threat detection. ArcSight’s flexibility and fast time-to-security-value make it ideal for security operations of any size, from small groups up to the most sophisticated SOCs in the world.

Rely on the security expertise, experience and leadership of the ArcSight team for your SIEM needs. ArcSight has been acknowledged as Magic Quadrant Leader by Gartner for the past 12 years, longer than any existing vendor—a testament to the power and effectiveness of the solution.

ArcSight SIEM

All-in-one SIEM appliance for universal log management, compliance, and event management
• Collect, store, and analyze your security events through a single appliance
• Analyze billions of security events from firewall, IPS, endpoint, apps, and flows
• Built-in optional audit reports to assist in compliance
• Detect suspicious and malicious behavior missed by your point security devices
• Combat APTs, malware attacks, and insider threats
• Protection against zero-day threats

ArcSight Data Platform

• Massively scalable, high-performance data engine
• Architected for breadth, depth, and speed of data collection that Big Data demands
• Secure and reliable data collection and storage for data at rest and in motion without any performance impact

ArcSight User Behavior Analytics

• Enhanced visibility of all user activity and processes.
• Streamlined investigations via comprehensive user activity reports.
• Boils down the most suspicious and abnormal activities, and transactions and access across users, accounts, systems, and applications to present risk-ranked threats.
• Detects the bad guys and insider threats, even if the bad guys are using legitimate credentials. Therefore, it can help detect breaches before significant damage occurs by finding the adversary faster.

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The next generation of data collection

HPE Security ArcSight Data Platform solution

ArcSight SIEM architecture

HPE ArcSight SIEM solution Bigger. Faster. Simpler. solution brief

Accelerate your SIEM Deployment

Accelerate your SIEM Deployment

ArcSight Compliance Insight Package

HP ArcSight Compliance Insight Package for IT Governance

Behavior Based Anomaly Detection

HPE ArcSight User Behavior Analytics

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