DMZ Security Optimization Challenges

Every security professional has to tread the line between enforcing application security against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, while also providing sufficient access for legitimate end users. If security is too tight, the application may become unusable for the end user; if security is too light, then an organization can be compromised, bringing revenue loss and brand damage. Almost every organization has applications that must be publicly accessible and as technology rapidly evolves, organizations are challenged to ensure this balance between provisioning sufficient security and providing access for legitimate users.


A10 Networks offers a range of security products with the new premium Thunder and original AX application delivery controllers (ADCs) and Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS). Each is built on the Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) with rich security feature sets. These A10 products can help you scale, improve efficiency and enhance the security posture of your DMZ security infrastructure.


Scaling security devices and encrypted communications is a critical requirement as your network grows in complexity and in size. A10 ADCs can be used to provide SSL-Insight™ and SSL-Offload to reduce resource-intensive encryption and decryption functions from your security devices. And, firewall load balancing (FWLB) features can be utilized to more efficiently scale for future demands.

Defend against emerging DDoS attacks which leverage large distributed networks of botnets to overwhelm network and server resources with legitimate traffic protocols, circumventing conventional security devices for inspection and defense.Thunder TPS protects against multi-vector attacks, including network-layer and application-layer attacks such as high-volume TCP SYN floods and protocol anomalies.

Selectively apply dynamic security chains via traffic steering to forward incoming traffic based on origin or content type to appropriate firewalls or other security devices for processing and inspection, optimizing flows to go to select locations for saving compute cycles and offloading DMZ security infrastructure.

SSL Insight: Securing Encrypted Traffic

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